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"Trish, THANK YOU so much for your healing presence and skillful use of growth-inducing tools. In helping me release a rather intense phobia, you have given me a tremendous gift of freedom from fear and limitation. Even had my Awesome Outcome not come through, after each of my three sessions with you I left feeing that a significant insight had been revealed to me. And the positive effects of those insights will continue rippling through my life on many levels. I know that I am forever enhanced as a result of our work together. I would gladly recommend your services to others, and I expect that I will be coming back to have you help me further amplify my enjoyment of life. You are a master. Keep doing what you're doing!"

Morgan Adessa

"NLP with Trish has created some really deep change for me. The Accessing & Anchoring Confidence workshop was especially powerful. It's amazing to me how NLP uses your own experiences, personality and way of processing things to lead you to make changes. It's not implanting fantasy ideas, but actually using your own experiences and reactions and applying them to other situations. And Trish is truly a master; I've always felt very comfortable and secure when working with her. Trish has guided me to some wonderful changes in my life."

Cathy Kilmon

"I can testify to Trish's ability to get to the heart of the cause of eating for reasons other than staying healthy. In early 2010, I attended one of Trish's group hypnosis sessions and had a revelation that took a huge weight load off my shoulders. As a consequence I lost 40 pounds over a period of 9 months. I had a brief setback over the 2010 Thanksgiving to New Years period and gained 12 pounds. Since then I have returned to the original 40 pound I lost and look forward to learning some of the new techniques Trish has learned through extensive workshops specific to weight loss. I would like to lose another 20 pounds in the next year. I can't wait to see what she has in store for this first group session specific to weight loss."

Bob Rodgers

"I am so grateful to have met Trish.   After a traumatic health experience, I found myself having mini-panic attacks every time I had to perform or present in front of others.   I spent over a thousand dollars with therapists and holistic practitioners trying find a solution so that I could perform and present without all of this anxiety.   After two sessions with Trish, I felt like the old me again.  She helped me transform the negative experiences and I feel so much more comfortable and relaxed when presenting.   She has such a wonderful gift and was able help me when no one else could.   I highly recommend Trish if you are looking to make lasting change in your life."

K. Smith

"Working with Trish on specific NLP techniques and other hypnosis work, I have finally been able to not only shed 70 pounds, but get to the real heart of my weight problem by changing those thought patterns and beliefs that kept me overweight for most of my life. Transforming yourself into who you want to be is possible with these powerful tools. Investing in myself is the best investment I have ever made!!"

Dee Papania

"From childhood I have very rarely experienced a successful first attempt blood draw from a blood test due to poor veins. Last summer I needed a blood test, so I met with Trish to do the "Six Step Reframing Process" which can be effective for physical symptoms. I was skeptical, but I was desperate. Several days later, I went to have my blood test. I got into the lab and the technician took the biggest needle that anyone ever tried to use on me, stuck it in my arm and Eureka! We had a gusher! Thank you, Trish, for an awesome experience."

Miriam Bowden

"Trish, I just had to write to you to tell you that I have been feeling so free with decision making since working with you. I don't feel so paralyzed by thinking about kitchen changes with regards to money or making the right decision like I did prior to my awareness (thanks to your lead) of the ridiculous maze that I get my self into. Nothing has changed, I did not win the lottery or inherit mounds of case - the change is in my awareness and so I see clearly that have a choice in which brain path I take. I actually feel free to explore, whereas before, exploring was nearly as difficult as taking steps. Keep up the FANTASTIC work! It is clear that you have a tremendous passion for it!"

Jacqui Smith

"Late last year I was diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease and since I
had no risk factors, there were few lifestyle changes that I could have
made to facilitate healing.  My doctor suggested angioplasty, but the fear
of surgery was paralyzing.  Finally I had a session with Trish who used
both an NLP technique as well as hypnosis to help me to come to terms with
the prospect of having surgery.  Trish even went the extra mile to record
the hypnosis that she conducted and provide it to me so that I could
experience it some more prior to surgery.  I was amazed at how relaxed and
accepting I had become, and although I did not "enjoy" the surgical
procedure, I did not have the extra burden of fear during the process, and
I was even able to dissociate myself from the pain.  Trish has a very
calming presence and a caring personality which enhance the techniques that
she uses.  I highly recommend her services and will avail myself of
them again if ever there is a need.  Thanks, Trish."

Glenda Laurent Dickonson


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