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PAST LIVES - an Exploration Using Hypnosis & Shamanic Journey

Dates:   Saturday, June 1st

Time:    2:00 - 6:30pm

Place:  Tranquili-Chi Center

              1421 Clarkview Road, Suite 206

              Baltimore, MD 21209

Cost:    $65

Join Trish Casner, MA, CH and William Nethery for an exploration of past lives using the modalities of hypnosis and the shamanic journey. During the first half of the workshop, we will discuss past lives and the process of hypnotic regression. Trish will lead the group through a past life regression experience. Participants will then have an opportunity to share their experiences. This will be followed by a short break, after which William will discuss the shamanic journey process and lead the group through two shamanic journeys, each of which will be related to the past life uncovered in the hypnotic regression. No prior experience with hypnosis or shamanism is necessary, nor is any specific belief system required to gain benefit from the experience. Come with an open mind and a great sense of curiosity! Workshop fee is $65. Due to high interest and available space, this workshop will be limited to 10 participants. Register TODAY to ensure your place!

What to Bring:

• Blanket or mat to lie down on
• Pen and paper or journal to record your experiences
• Rattles and frame drums are welcome (optional)
• Eye covering (if desired)


Shamanic Journey Group with William Nethery

Dates:  Saturday, June 8th

Time:    2:00 - 4:00pm

Place:  Planet Soul ~ Pikesville, MD

Cost:    $15 donation suggested but not required

Shamans have historically been given the task of “journeying” to the spirit world to gain information and advice from their spirit guides as well as to experience profound healing. The shamanic journey process is very simple. A monotonous drum beat causes you to enter an altered state of consciousness. From this “higher” state of consciousness, you are able to gain insights and see your problems from a much different perspective.

Please join us for this shamanic journey group led by William Nethery and experience these benefits first hand. The group is highly experiential in nature and does not require any specific spiritual belief system or prior experience. All are welcome.

If you are interested in the group but have never journeyed before, contact William Nethery at 443-617-7445 and he will meet with you a few minutes before the group starts to explain the process in detail. $15 donation suggested but not required.

What to Bring:
• Blanket and/or mat to lie down on
• Pen and paper or journal to record your experiences
• Rattles and frame drums are welcome (optional)
• Eye covering (if desired)


Weight Loss with Hypnosis & NLP

Date:  Saturday, June 15th

Time:  9:00am - 4:00pm (with break for lunch)

Place: Planet Soul ~ Pikesville, MD

Cost:  $99 by June 1st, $119 thereafter (pre-registration is required)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) involves the use of highly effective, targeted techniques rooted in hypnosis to assist you in achieving your weight goals. Join me for this interactive and experiential one-day workshop where you will learn to change your thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns on an unconscious level so that you can achieve new, desired changes automatically!

AM Session: NLP strategies for modeling the behavior of naturally thin people

• NLP-based group hypnosis session for weight loss

• Learn specific ways to adopt the health strategies of naturally thin individuals

• Explore how your orientation in time affects your weight loss efforts

• Understand why self-motivation is an illusion

• Adopt new, healthier beliefs to make better decisions around when, where and how to eat

• Cultivate self-love (NLP group exercise)

Break for lunch


PM Session:  Managing Emotional States - "Weight Management is about State Management"

• Learn NLP strategies for dealing with common triggers for overeating, including: boredom, anxiety, anger & guilt

• Traditional group hypnosis session to adopt a healthy lifestyle and manage hunger

SPACE IS LIMITED and we expect this event to sell out, so if you have been struggling with weight issues and would like to try a completely new approach to change, REGISTER TODAY!  To hold your space, a $50 refundable deposit is due upon registration.

Venue details provided upon registration.  



Group at workshop


Patricia Casner, MA, CH      (443) 617-5082 
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